Alcohol & TMS Therapy: Is it Safe?

A question that we are frequently asked with regards to TMS Therapy is if consuming alcohol is safe while undergoing TMS Therapy.

Alcohol use in TMS is not well studied, but some of the reports of seizures associated with TMS are believed to have resulted from alcohol use. In addition, alcohol is a known depressant, meaning alcohol can cause depression even when the person is not actually intoxicated. Therefore, most providers advise patients to abstain from alcohol if they are having trouble recovering from a depressive episode. We advise our patients that they should try and limit their use to an occasional drink at most. That being said, some patients prefer and intend to drink alcohol regardless.

If someone does decide to drink, there are limitations that should be set:

• No more than three drinks in a night and 10 drinks in a week for women
• No more than four drinks in a night and 14 drinks a week for men

It is always best to discuss with your TMS provider who can consider your unique circumstances in determining to what extent alcohol may be consumed during your treatment.

Please be advised that the information presented here is for information purposes only and should not be considered medical advice. All patients are encouraged to discuss any issues or concerns they may have with their behavioral health providers.

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