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Why Do I Feel Selfish Asking For Help For My Depression?

asking for depression help“If someone needs my help for anything, I’m there. I’ll be the friend they can count on to listen to them and give them advice on whatever issues they may be facing. But I can’t ask for help for myself. It’s just too hard.”

Does this sound like you? We all may have different reasons, but you are not the only one having a hard time asking for help.  Asking for help exposes you in a way that not many things do.  You may feel like you’re opening up too much. That you’re too vulnerable; and you may fear the consequences of that exposure. The stress and anxiety associated with this can even be an even bigger trigger for depression than what originally had us needing help.

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The Healing Power Of Pets And How They Can Help With Depression

pets can treat depressionThere’s something about the unconditional love between a pet and its owner that cannot be properly described in words. Animals have been our companions since the day our ancestors learned to walk on two feet.  That relationship has grown stronger now and humans and animals depend on each other more than ever. Dogs, cats, birds, dolphins, and even horses have been said to help with allergies, asthma, physical pain, and a variety of other ailments. Now a growing body of scientific research is showing that pets’ unconditional love and loyalty really can make a positive impact at the side of a patient with a mental illness.


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What is Caregiver Burnout? What does it have to do with depression?

Depression is the number one cause of disability in the United States and Canada. It can cause extreme physical, emotional, and mental exhaustion that may be accompanied by behavioral changes. Many patients will describe a sense of ‘emptiness’ that never goes away.

Depression disrupts social interactions, work environments, and family life. Unfortunately, depression affects everyone, not just the patient. Being able to have a caregiver who can help you with daily tasks can be of great help to someone suffering from major depression. It is very hard for someone not suffering from major depression to fully understand what this illness does to someone. This is why loved ones who take care or look after a depressed person also need the proper support and education in order to avoid caregiver burnout.

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Depressed Times: How To Keep It Together When Everything Else Falls Apart

keep it together during depressionThere are many triggers that can push a person over the edge and into a depressive episode. Once in this depressive state, it often seems impossible to pull yourself out. A friend of mine once compared suffering from depression to being stuck in a dark and gloomy hole where people on the outside can see you and hear you, but they can’t get you out. The stigma surrounding mental health is still overwhelming and some people would rather walk right past you than help you. Then there are friends and family who want to help you but don’t know how; at most they can throw you a rope and encourage you to take it but it is up to you to find the strength and the energy to pull yourself back up and out of that hole.

But how do you find that strength? How do you gather that energy when everything else is closing in on you?

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How to find the right Depression Support Group

support group for mental healthWhen you are depressed you feel like the world turns its back on you and loneliness and isolation start to set in. Feeling like this can have very negative effects and can lead people to having much more dark feelings about themselves and the condition that controls them; needless to say, family and friends will feel powerless and frustrated if they are shunned by their loved one.

The worst thing you can do is continue with this vicious cycle of isolation; connecting with others who may be going through the same journey as you can provide support and understanding. Support groups can happen both offline and online, and they usually provide access to information about issues surrounding depression and mental health, this makes patients become better equipped and prepared to be able to help one another. You can learn a lot from others’ situation, medicines, treatment options such as TMS Therapy, fears and hopes.

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