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Fixing Nutritional Deficiencies Worsening Your Depression

Human body empty of nutrients
It is no secret that a large number of ailments can be prevented and even treated with proper diet and nutrition. While it is true that certain vitamins can play a role in some cases, it is important to highlight that the lack of a vitamin in particular is not the definite cause of depression, as some myths might suggest. Depression is a psychological occurrence linked with brain functioning and because of the complexity of the disease, depression symptoms and treatment options can vary greatly from patient to patient. Physical symptoms of depression are often ignored or underestimated. These symptoms can include sleep problems, chest pains, fatigue, muscle and joint pain, and headaches, among others.

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Poor Mental Health Could Be Driving Obesity Epidemic

obese woman in bathinsuitA recent article from Canada is adding another layer to the problem with Obesity that most of North America is facing; they are looking at antidepressants, mood stabilizers and newer generation anti-psychotics as well as the mental issues that require the medicine as a probable cause for weight gain.

While many campaigns are going to extremes to make sure the mantra of “eat well and exercise” gets imprinted in the minds of many, we as a society are failing to recognize that there are other reasons for weight gain and obesity. Depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, attention deficit disorders, post-traumatic stress, addictions — all can cause changes in appetite, energy and metabolism that can prime people to gain weight¹.

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4 Foods that help with anxiety and stress

avocado salad tmsIt’s no secret; a balanced diet helps your body to better cope with stress and anxiety. There are certain foods that contain important vitamins and minerals that have long been recommended to help treat a variety of symptoms and diseases.

Stress and anxiety can trigger depression symptoms and take a toll on productivity at work. A calm body and mind can help you remain fresh and relaxed during a heavy work day so make sure to include the following ingredients to your diet to keep your coolness throughout the day!

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