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Explaining Your Depression To Family And Friends

People have described depression as being in a state of numbness, a black hole, a pervading sense of pointlessness. For those who suffer from depression, these adjectives make perfect sense, but for those who have not been touched by the disease these words might seem like an exaggeration, a very strange concept and very difficult to grasp – like explaining the color blue to a blind person. When the topic of depression or therapy comes up and you casually mention how it impacts your life, sometimes you get comments like this one: “You have a wonderful life, you can’t be depressed! Cheer up! Be a bit more positive.” “Snap out of it.”

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Why Do I Feel Selfish Asking For Help For My Depression?

asking for depression help“If someone needs my help for anything, I’m there. I’ll be the friend they can count on to listen to them and give them advice on whatever issues they may be facing. But I can’t ask for help for myself. It’s just too hard.”

Does this sound like you? We all may have different reasons, but you are not the only one having a hard time asking for help.  Asking for help exposes you in a way that not many things do.  You may feel like you’re opening up too much. That you’re too vulnerable; and you may fear the consequences of that exposure. The stress and anxiety associated with this can even be an even bigger trigger for depression than what originally had us needing help.

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Your Depression is Lying to You

Good & Bad side of depressionYou know those cartoons that show a character about to make an important decision and *puff* suddenly they’ve got an angel and a devil sitting on each shoulder each trying to influence their next step? For some, this is exactly how major depression feels. You know you’re suffering, you know you’re in need of help, and you may even know what the right decision should be, but the devil called depression is always sitting on your shoulder whispering negative thoughts so that you won’t take that step forward.

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Depressed Times: How To Keep It Together When Everything Else Falls Apart

keep it together during depressionThere are many triggers that can push a person over the edge and into a depressive episode. Once in this depressive state, it often seems impossible to pull yourself out. A friend of mine once compared suffering from depression to being stuck in a dark and gloomy hole where people on the outside can see you and hear you, but they can’t get you out. The stigma surrounding mental health is still overwhelming and some people would rather walk right past you than help you. Then there are friends and family who want to help you but don’t know how; at most they can throw you a rope and encourage you to take it but it is up to you to find the strength and the energy to pull yourself back up and out of that hole.

But how do you find that strength? How do you gather that energy when everything else is closing in on you?

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Dealing with Depression During the Holiday Season

i hate christmasWhen it comes to the Holidays, the media has painted a perfect picture of what this time of year should look like; holiday parties, buying and receiving gifts nicely wrapped in bright colored paper, gathering around the table for a scrumptious feast and spending time with old friends and family members who are all perfectly dressed and too happy to see you. While this may be true in TV and movies, reality is these are hectic times! If you’ve ever tried doing all your holiday shopping the week before the festivities then you know what I’m talking about.

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Depression: From Denial to Treatment

According to WebMD, 70% of people with clinical depression can improve, often in a matter of weeks if they receive proper treatment. With such a compelling statistic, you would think depression is an illness can be easily managed – you feel the symptoms, you recognize them, you go for treatment, you improve. Sadly, this is not at all the case.  Here’s another statistic for you – it has been said that 75% of all people with depression are never diagnosed and don’t seek treatment. While this number may not be precise it does bring awareness to the fact that there are people out there suffering in silence.

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Is Depression Inherited?

inherited depressionDepression is a complex disease with treatment options that help one group of patients but are ineffective for another. There are many reasons why your depression may not have the same clinical factors as someone else’s, and one of the most discussed factors is genetics. There are numerous cases where a patient suffering from depression has had a parent and/or close relative who had also suffered from the disease and for many years this was considered an unfortunate coincidence.

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How to find the right Depression Support Group

support group for mental healthWhen you are depressed you feel like the world turns its back on you and loneliness and isolation start to set in. Feeling like this can have very negative effects and can lead people to having much more dark feelings about themselves and the condition that controls them; needless to say, family and friends will feel powerless and frustrated if they are shunned by their loved one.

The worst thing you can do is continue with this vicious cycle of isolation; connecting with others who may be going through the same journey as you can provide support and understanding. Support groups can happen both offline and online, and they usually provide access to information about issues surrounding depression and mental health, this makes patients become better equipped and prepared to be able to help one another. You can learn a lot from others’ situation, medicines, treatment options such as TMS Therapy, fears and hopes.

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When parents are depressed, children are at risk

depressed parentIt is no secret that depression affects everyone in the family, and with 20 million Americans being affected by the disease each year that’s a lot of families that have to deal with the emotional rollercoaster that comes with depression. Things get tougher when kids are involved, very often parents will not seek the care they need in order to appear strong and not worry their children.

A report by the National Research Council titled “Depression in Parents, Parenting, and Children” stated that untreated, unrecognized parental depression can lead to negative consequences for kids. In a given year an estimated 7.5 million adults with depression have a child under the age of 18 living with them.

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When a loved one suffers from depression everyone suffers with him/her

depressed man being consoled by wifeIt is hard enough for a person to struggle with depression, it is even harder for a partner to see how devastating this disorder can be on a loved one and feel entirely helpless when medicine and therapy fail. There are long, dark nights and even longer, gloomier days. Treatment-resistant depression affects 20% of all patients diagnosed with depression. Additionally, treatment-resistant patients are more likely to be diagnosed with bipolar disorder, concurrent substance abuse or anxiety disorders. Yet there is always hope.

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