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You CAN cure Depression. Here’s the Proof.

Depressrace-winnerion is a very real condition that affects 1 in 10 Americans. Though some dealing with depression at various stages are able to treat and cure their symptoms using an Anti-Depressant medication and/or psychiatry, others are not as successful and end up dealing with Treatment-Resistant Depression (TRD). TRD occurs as a result of major depressive disorder which has occurred due to an unsuccessful attempt at treating depression through regular dosages of anti-depressant medication. A variation and/or combination of anti-depressants can be prescribed in this case to help counteract different symptoms in an attempt to treat the depression. Unfortunately, even these drastic measures can still show little to no success, leaving affected individuals feeling hopeless, defeated and even more anxious about their condition. The reality of the TRD can be quite hash, as those affect feel like there are no other options. In fact, one study suggests that anywhere from 29 to 46% of people (depending on the type of medication) fail to respond to treatment of an anti-depressant and 15% of these patients find no relief in multiple treatment trials[1].

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Tips for Reducing Anxiety During Back-to-school Season

It’s that time again – lunches, homework, new teachers, and new people. For some, back to school time can be exciting and fun but for others, it can be dreaded, bringing on an overwhelming amount of stress and anxiety. The break from routine while trying to manage tasks between home and school can be the culprit for stress-related feelings during back to school season however, there are several other factors that can also contribute to these feelings of stress and anxiety. Between different sleeping schedules, trying to plan meals, new friends, classes, teachers and schools, it can be a lot to manage. Some may assimilate to these adjustments very well, while others may struggle with such a new environment that they may be at a higher risk for depression caused by the stress and anxiety of such a new culture. This is a very normal feeling and if you are feeling anxious over your new journey, just know you are not alone and things will get better. In the meantime, acknowledge these tips to help decrease the feelings of stress and anxiety during the back to school season.

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Robin Williams’ Death Reminds us Mental Illness can Affect Anyone

Robin WilliamsThe world is mourning the loss of one of the best actors, philanthropists and comedians today as Robin Williams was found deceased in his home yesterday at the age of 63. Williams died from an apparent suicide, when his struggle with depression and substance abuse came to an end. According to his publicists, Williams was likely to be suffering from bipolar disorder along with his severe depression symptoms. He even underwent rehab as recently as July to protect his sobriety.

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Relax with these Top 5 Smartphone Apps for Depression

Contrary to popular belief, your smartphone can actually provide you with some release of depression symptoms through interacting with innovative applications available to download. Although Smartphones have commonly been linked to increasing depression in teens [1], the ability to disconnect socially from your cell phone and use it in a way that guides you through meditation, relaxation and stress-management, can provide promising advantages. Several of these applications also provide users with access to a plethora of resources and communities to which they can educate themselves and interact with others who are going through similar feelings. These applications may also become a helpful and healthy addition to your depression treatment and can keep your mind off of other stressors going on in your life. Meditation, in fact, is an extremely powerful activity and can reduce your anxiety levels by 70% [2]! Just remember to turn off all other applications, beeps, noises, rings, and tunes while you are in your stress-free, mindful zone in order to avoid distractions and get the most out of these amazing apps.

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Why Do I Feel Selfish Asking For Help For My Depression?

asking for depression help“If someone needs my help for anything, I’m there. I’ll be the friend they can count on to listen to them and give them advice on whatever issues they may be facing. But I can’t ask for help for myself. It’s just too hard.”

Does this sound like you? We all may have different reasons, but you are not the only one having a hard time asking for help.  Asking for help exposes you in a way that not many things do.  You may feel like you’re opening up too much. That you’re too vulnerable; and you may fear the consequences of that exposure. The stress and anxiety associated with this can even be an even bigger trigger for depression than what originally had us needing help.

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Dealing with Depression During the Holiday Season

i hate christmasWhen it comes to the Holidays, the media has painted a perfect picture of what this time of year should look like; holiday parties, buying and receiving gifts nicely wrapped in bright colored paper, gathering around the table for a scrumptious feast and spending time with old friends and family members who are all perfectly dressed and too happy to see you. While this may be true in TV and movies, reality is these are hectic times! If you’ve ever tried doing all your holiday shopping the week before the festivities then you know what I’m talking about.

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4 Foods that help with anxiety and stress

avocado salad tmsIt’s no secret; a balanced diet helps your body to better cope with stress and anxiety. There are certain foods that contain important vitamins and minerals that have long been recommended to help treat a variety of symptoms and diseases.

Stress and anxiety can trigger depression symptoms and take a toll on productivity at work. A calm body and mind can help you remain fresh and relaxed during a heavy work day so make sure to include the following ingredients to your diet to keep your coolness throughout the day!

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