Patricia’s Story

My son and coworkers noticed the changes in my mood, before I did. I began to feel more like myself, with greater self-confidence.

Patricia has suffered from depression since age 25 beginning with post-partum depression after the birth of her son.  Over the years she has sought out relief by trying antidepressant medications.  She also sought consultation from a Naturopath physician but unfortunately had no relief of symptoms.  Compounding this, the medications caused intolerable side effects that included migraines, dry mouth, IBS, and lack of focus.  When Patricia started her 6-week course of TMS therapy, she was tearful, anxious, nervous, and hesitant to believe TMS could truly help her.  Throughout her treatment, Patricia’s true self reemerged.  Patricia became a woman who is strong, witty, funny, intelligent, and self-aware.  Her son and coworkers noticed changes in her mood before she did; she began to do more with her son and her work productivity increased as well. She continues to report feeling like herself and has greater self-confidence and self-worth.

Patricia, 43-year-old divorced female, lives with 17-year old son, currently working.

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