Greenbrook Medical Staff

Dr. Andre’a Watkins

Dr. Andre'a Watkins joins Greenbrook TMS NeuroHealth Centers as a board certified Psychiatrist and Neurologist with extensive clinical experience.

Dennis Glick
Dr. Dennis Glick

Dr. Dennis Glick specializes in the in-depth assessment of depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders, attention deficit disorders, substance use disorders, and psychotic disorders in adults and adolescents.

Dr. Geoffrey Grammer
Chief Scientific Advisor

A decorated Colonel with the United States Army, Dr. Geoffrey Grammer joined TMS NeuroHealth Centers as Chief Scientific Advisor where he develops TMS Therapy treatment protocols and oversees the training of staff physicians and technicians. Dr. Grammer created one of the very first TMS Therapy centers in the United States, and he is valued as a leading practitioner of TMS Therapy by his colleagues.